Welcome at the public "Playground" for Process Companion BPM.

Here you can get access to our solution, in particular these are:

- the user inbox, where processes can be viewed and worked on

- and the administrator console, where you can upload new processes and set it up.

PLEASE do not change any process in the administrator console, which was not uploaded by you.

This is a playground. We do not take any responsibility for functionality, results or availabilty. And we will reinstall the system to its original state periodically and on special occasions. We will not inform you upfront.


How? Draw your processes with a BPMN 2.0 editor of your choice and run it with the Process Companion BPM Suite.

What? Access your tasks in your inbox. See the visualized process status. Fulfill tasks as a group and delegate tasks.

Where? Access your task list anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Technic? Process Companion is based on the #1 web server standard PHP. Simply integrate and enhance your applications with workflows. Use Process Companion web-based user front-ends or create your own user interfaces spanning from simple HTML pages to fully fledged web applications. Integrate with Process Companion engine with URI links, JSON or JSONP web services.

When? Process Companion can be used by any organisation as on-Premise solution or as SaaS solution. You can test it immediately. Just go to menu "Test Online".